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High Quality BladeTape Hockey Tape!
BladeTape in the NHL
Hear Willie Mitchell comments about BladeTape
BladeTapeŽ is a revolutionary, patented lightweight alternative to traditional cloth hockey stick tape.
BladeTape Hockey TapeSince 1998, American Hockey Center has proudly provided the highest quality hockey tape possible. Our hockey tape is used by individuals, teams, leagues, schools, pro shops and municipalities. American Hockey Center will assure you that the hockey tape that you buy will meet or exceed your expectations. Whether you are buying for an entire league, a team, or one player, we offer a pricing level that will save you money on hockey tape, water bottles, mouth guards, skate laces, hockey pucks and blue 4 oz pucks. Please browse the links below to view all hockey tape and accessories.

BladeTapeŽ utilizes a rubber surface material with simple peel 'n' stick technology that easily applies to both the front and back faces of your hockey stick blade. You'll get durability (up to 15 games or more), improved stick handling, and a better 'feel' for the puck. Available in your choice of 10 colors!

Please browse the links below to view all BladeTape hockey tape.
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