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Skate Fenders


Skate Fenders are injection molded of high grade, light weight, impact resistant polycarbonates and are designed to protect the feet of hockey players from pucks, sticks and most other on-ice mayhem. Skate Fenders continue to provide protection that is:​


Effective in reducing painful, debilitating impact injuries
Convenient for players to put on and take off
Affordable for players at all levels


Skate Fenders come in two models:

Full Pro model is molded in a high grade polycarbonate that is light, strong, flexible and provides superior impact energy dissipation. This model  has been proven effective at the NHL level and all other levels of play.

Compact Pro model is for players who prefer not to wear the full coverage model but desire coverage to the vulnerable ankle and instep areas.  It is also in use from the NHL down to youth levels of play.



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