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Jaybird Hockey Tape: Black Cotton Cloth , 1 inch x 10 yds

(SPlus) Hockey Tape: Black Cotton Cloth , 1 inch x 10 yds
Name: (SPlus) Hockey Tape: Black Cotton Cloth , 1 inch x 10 yds
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High Quality Hockey Tape!
Jaybird & Mais hockey tapeJaybird & Mais
The most respected name in hockey tape
Hockey TapeSince 1998, American Hockey Center has proudly provided the highest quality hockey tape possible. Our hockey tape is used by individuals, teams, leagues, schools and municipalities. American Hockey Center will assure you that the hockey tape you buy will meet or exceed your expectations. Our cloth hockey tape is very high quality multi-purpose tape manufactured using first quality woven fabrics and coated with an aggressive rubber adhesive system for superior bonding qualities to socks, pads and hockey sticks. This hockey tape is hand tearable, and boasts excellent tensile strength and durability. Recommended for all styles of hockey sticks, including composites.

High Quality Hockey Tape

Highly durable

High Quality Hockey Tape

Moisture resistant

High Quality Hockey Tape

High tensile strength

High Quality Hockey Tape

Highly adhesive

High Quality Hockey Tape

Enhanced puck control
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